Jizo Yu (Kyoto-fu)
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Entrance fee : 600 yens
Bathing time from 07:00 to 23:00
Home page (official web page in Japanese with information on the seven bathhouses)
Phone : 0796-32-2228
Address :
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Number of baths









+ 1 family bath

Spring information

Main spring : 62°C pH=7.3
Bath Temp : 44°C

Onsen in Kyoto-fu

Jizo Yu (Kinosaki Onsen)
Yanagi Yu (Kinosaki Onsen)
Ichi no Yu (Kinosaki Onsen)
Mandara Yu (Kinosaki Onsen)
Ko no Yu (Kinosaki Onsen)
Kurama Onsen (Kurama)
Sato no Yu (Kinosaki Onsen)
Gosho no Yu (Kinosaki Onsen)

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Outside view of the building hosting one of the 7 public bathhouses of Kinosaki onsen; picture from the www.kinosaki-spa.gr.jp web site


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This characteristic building, with its hexagonal windows, seems to be influenced by cubism. It is located a couple of hundred meters from the station.

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Only one inside bath of average size, with the shape of a mushroom (!). Not so special... unfortunately.

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One of the most interesting onsen town in Japan! Kinosaki onsen is in Kyoto-fu, but a little far from the old capital: it is located very close to the Japan Sea, and reachable by train from Osaka and Kyoto. There are lots of ryokan, most of them with onsen, but the town is famous for its "Soto-yu": 7 bathhouses featuring indoor and outdoor baths, saunas, hammams, Japanese and European type spas and even a cave bath. Staying overnight is strongly recommended, as you then can soak in those bathhouses for free (while it would be very expensive, around 4600 yens, to pay the separate entrances). In the evening, many guests walk around the town wearing yukata, and most shops are open until late; this makes the stay there a great experience... Using the cable car to get on the top of a nearby hill is also recommended.

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