Kurama Onsen (Kyoto-fu)
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Entrance fee : 1100 yens
Bathing time from 10:00 to 21:00
Located in a ryokan
Internet : Home page
Phone : 075-741-2131
Adress : 601-1111
Maps : Mapfan - Google

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two separated indoor baths are also available, but another entry fee is required

Spring information

Water type : sulfur
Main spring : 13°C pH=7.6

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Kurama Onsen (Kurama)
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Gosho no Yu (Kinosaki Onsen)

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The small village of Kurama lies at the foot of Mt Kurama, a mountain famous for Kurama-dera, a Buddhist temple founded in the 8th century. It is reached in 30 minutes from Demachiyanagi station in Kyoto via the Eizan Railway (get off at the terminus, Kurama Station, 410 yens).

Size :    
While there are also some inside baths, they are accessible only to visitors with an extra fee - and thus have not been discussed here. Anyway, the more attractive bath of this onsen is the outside one. The bath has the shape of two rectangles partially joined by one of their side, with half of the bath covered by a roof. There washing area is located outside, too. Although not very large, the bath can comfortably hosts at least 12 persons.

View :     
Although there is a small fence around the bathing area, you get a really nice view on the environs. The sight is especially beautiful in late autumn when the trees turn red.

Area :    
If you have some time, the hide to or from Kibune, in the next valley, is strongly recommended. Kibune is known for its expensive ryokan located along a small river, on which platform are built every summer, allowing guests to eat and drink while sitting just above the water - a true delectation in the heat of summer! Kibune is reached in 20 minutes by foot from Kibune-guchi station (one stop before Kurama); a bus is also available from that station. This 2-hours walk passes next to Kurama-dera, as well as a couple of smaller shrines. Alternatively, Kurama-dera can be reached in about 40 minutes by foot from the onsen (even less if you take the cable car, which will bring you halfway up).

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