Our Rating System

All ratings are by nature personnal appreciations. We have seen all baths, and we try to be as neutral as possible when assigning rates to the onsen. They are still only refecting our opinions.


Global rating
     An outstanding onsen, worth the trip by itself
    A very good onsen you should not miss if you are in the area
   A good quality onsen, which should be enjoyed by everybody
  A less interesting place, but it still might offer a pleasant short visit
Less interesting onsen, not recommended
     Extremely large bath or combination of many smaller baths
    Large bath or combination of several smaller baths
   Average size, can typically accomodate 10-20 persons
  Small bath, for just a couple of persons
More like a bathtub, for 1-3 persons only


     A breathtaking view - have a look even if you don't bath
    A beautiful, above average view
   A nice view, although not exceptionnal
  The view is not the main feature of this place
Nothing to look at


     Absolutely no modesty issue - swimming suits or clothes are used
    Women easily soak in those shelthered baths with separate changing rooms
   Although officially a mixed bath, not so many women tend to soak it it
  Bathing people can be seen from outside, or lack of proper changing room
Bath in full view and/or no changing room at all


     An top destination in Japan
    A very attractive area to spend several days
   An attractive area to visit
  A less attractive area, but specific interesting activities can be found
Not a lot to do there