Jinata (Tokyo-to)
’nçë (“Œ‹ž“s)


Bathing time 24 hours per day!
Swimsuits used for mixed-bathing
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Spring information

Water type : sulfur
Main spring : 80°C

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Jinata (Shikinejima)

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Some nice pictures of onsen and other attraction of the island; text in English

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An impressive spot - the bath is located at the end of the canyon


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Global rating :     
Jinata is located a couple of meters from the sea, and is reach but a walk in an impressive canyon! The water is yellowish, and its temperature depends on how close to the spring and the sea you bath, since onsen and sea waters mix together. It is therefore possible to find a spot with the temperature suiting you the best. On the other hand, getting too close to the source would surely burn you. Note that at low tide, the water might just be too hot for a bath... Furthermore, the access to the baths can be a little difficult during the night.

Size :    
Several rather small baths, whose temperature varies with their position relative to the source and the sea.

View :      
Packed between a canyon and the sea, it is difficult to find a more atmospheric location! If you are lucky enough to be the only one soaking there, it is easy to feel alone in the world. A very nice feeling, indeed.

Modesty :      
Swimming suits are mandatory in all rotenburo of Shikinejima.

Area :     
Shikinejima is located close to the Izu peninsula, in the Izu Shichi To (Seven Islands of Izu) ? although the island is formally part of Tokyo-to! It can be reached by ferry (10 hours) or by express boat (2 hours). Shikinejima also offers a couple of great onsen located next to the sea. An ideal gateway from Tokyo, Shikinejima has just a couple of minshuku, and therefore never gets crowded. It is easy to go from one point to another by foot, or even better by bicycles. Beaches are beautiful and landscape is attractive.

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Pictures from this site (in English)

Pictures from this site (in English)